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Sun-treader is a project of New York-based producer Christopher Davis. Chris has a wealth of professional experience in event producing, talent representation, and entertainment marketing, promotions, and public relations. ST consults as well as develops proprietary projects, both independently and in conjunction with partners.

The name's etymology is a poem, a composition for orchestra, and a painting.

"Sun-treader, life and light be thine for ever!" —Browning, Pauline

ST's beginnings were in 2003. Since then credits have included productions with diverse appeal, featuring attractions such as Native American dance, video game music, and distinguished popular music and classical performers.

Prior to ST Chris was associated with the Rudas Organization, longtime producer of Luciano Pavarotti and 3 Tenors arena and stadium performances worldwide. His comprehensive responsibilities included budget management, contract negotiations, partner and sponsor oversight, ticket sales, marketing, as well as other elements vital to the success of a live performance. Concerts were presented throughout the world — in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, and China — pairing with a wide variety of local partners and employing many cooperative relationships.

The Rudas Organization also produced events for artists such as the Three Sopranos (Kathleen Cassello, Kallen Esperian, and Cynthia Lawrence) and Chinese tenor Yu Qiang Dai.

In addition, Chris's experience includes working for Herbert Breslin, a distinguished and sometimes notorious manager of many very important musical artists.

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